What is Salesforce for != devs?

Welcome to a blog about clicks not code (mostly) that covers everything salesforce - this is a blog for admins, consultants, and even devs 😉

I like writing config solutions to things you might want to do in code - usually just because I can. I decided to put these ideas here so you can have a browse through them and take anything you like for your own uses.

I will always try to supply you with a package link to install these creations wherever possible. Sometimes I make use of other open source tools in which case I will link directly to them from my blog as well.

I run this blog using ghost.org and I run it on a droplet which is basically an virtual machine with varying amounts of grunt available - and it is accessible via its own assigned IP address via SSH and DigitalOcean's UI. I will write more about this later, including how to do the same on a raspberry pi! If you ever want to try DigitalOcean out please do use my affiliate link, it helps with my hosting costs and you also get some free credit!